After weeks and weeks of rehearsal, ARTAUD ARTAUD is finally ready for OPENING NIGHT TONIGHT! at the Dream Up Festival at the Theater for the New CityI am so excited to finally share this production with others, as there have been LOTS of sweat, blood, and tears involved. Literally. Get your tickets HERE HERE HERE


On Sunday, September 6th I will be at the Bowery Poetry Club joining forces (yet again) with the ridiculously talented Wesley Zurick to perform CLARENCE THE CANNIBAL, a rock operetta about a heroin-addicted cannibal who sets out to eat Bill O'Reilley. Yes, you heard that right.  You don't want to miss this.  Get your tickets HERE HERE HERE!


And finally, I'll be closing out LEVEL 2 IMPROV at The Magnet with my LEVEL 2 CLASS SHOW! This FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 4TH @ THE MAGNET TRAINING CENTER on 22 W. 32nd STREET, 10TH FLOOR. This is FREE, ya'll. And it'll be funny, I promise. FACEBOOK EVENT HERE!