Goodbye to Robespierre and to France...

Tonight is our second and final performance of Jacob Rice's INCORRUPTIBLE: The Tragical Historie of Maximillien Robespierre. I love this play, I love the people involved, and I love Max. I can't wait to see where this play goes into the future.

"Thank you, friend."

This Strange Beardo...

The reviews are in for Pipeline Theatre Company's production of Dave Malloy's new musical BEARDO.

" unforgettable theatrical experience. Malloy employs an eclectic mix of styles for a score that is both tuneful and daring resulting in stunning vocal performances throughout and the most breathtaking first act finale this side of Les Misérables." -TheaterMania


Come on down to Greenpoint and see what all the hubbub is about! 

Bible Stories @ Atlantic Stage 2

Back in rehearsals for one of my favorite shows: BIBLE STORIES by Wes Zurick & Christian Haigis. This remount, directed by Sharone Halevy, will have a run at Atlantic's Stage 2 in the first week of March. Very excited!

Photo by Sharone Halevy 

SO PLEASE YOU @ hvsf and beyond!

SO PLEASE YOU, conceived & directed by Zachary Fine and performed by the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival's Conservatory Company, has officially opened!  Devising this bad boy has been an incredible journey, and we are so excited to be sharing it with audiences of all ages.  It has a part of each and every one of us in it, and we could not be prouder.

Ashley Garrett Photography 

Also excited to announce that SO PLEASE YOU will be part of the New Victory Theater's LabWorks program! Read more about it HERE!



It's official: The Pirate La Dee Da has won the Off-Broadway Alliance Award for Best Family Show! I am so incredibly proud to have been a part of this amazing production. Congrats to all my pirate loves! ARRRRGH!

 Photo by Ahron R. Foster

Photo by Ahron R. Foster

On Monday morning I move up to Cold Spring, NY to begin my summer with the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival.  These past six weeks of rehearsal have been truly amazing and I can't wait to finally get up to the tent. Performances begin June 7th and go to September 5th. Here we go! 

 Photos by Travis Magee

Photos by Travis Magee


It's official: THE PIRATE LA DEE DA will be extending until April 17th at Atlantic Theater Company's Linda Gross Theater!  The show had a killer opening last week, and was even named a New York Times Critics' Pick

 Photo by Ahron R. Foster.

Photo by Ahron R. Foster.

Princess La Dee Da, played with spunk to spare by Melissa Mahoney, would rather run off to sea than wed the prince her parents have chosen: Marlon (Justin Danforth), a wimp who’d never be confused with Brando... Happy or sad, pirates rock, of course, which allows Ms. Mahoney to evoke Joan Jett in one song, Bonnie Raitt in another.
— LAUREL GRAEBER, The New York Times


Very excited to announce that I'll be joining Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival's Conservatory Company this Summer up in Cold Spring, New York.

Can't wait to begin working on some awesome plays! 

"Thanks for the Milk" From The Kids Are All Screwed

Check out "Thanks for the Milk", a slam poem brought to you by yours truly and the incomparable Sam Gonzalez from last week's The Monthly Joust: The Kids Are All Screwed

Did you miss our January edition of The Monthly Joust: THE KIDS ARE ALL SCREWED? Fret not! February's edition is right around the corner!Til then, here's Sam Gonzalez & Melissa Mahoney, Artistic Producers for January, performing 'Thanks for the Milk'.Stay tuned for more information on February's Monthly Joust!

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Last night, we put up THE KIDS ARE ALL SCREWED at The Duplex.   This was my first venture into the world of producing, and it was definitely an experience I won't ever forget.  Thank you to the cast, the writers, and to everyone who came out to support this crazy, wacky thing we created!  

Thanks for a great show at The Duplex! If you missed THE KIDS ARE ALL SCREWED, like our Facebook page to stay updated on our next Monthly Joust!

Posted by The Joust Theatre Company on Monday, January 25, 2016